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It is important to have a website in 2019. Your competitors are online because everyone is online. Don’t get left behind!

Social Media captures the attention of billions of people daily and trumps most of the media platforms!

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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important elements to getting your business seen online!

Facebook Ads 

There are 2.7 billion FB users. We go where the customers go and all of your customers are on facebook!

Google Ads are a fast way to get you business on top to help organic SEO growth on google. 

Google Ads

Digital Marketing

Text Message Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Billboard Advertising. If it’s Digital We can Do It!

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Your customers are online. Hulu digital can help you reach them. Go where your customers are. It begins with taking the first step today!

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Here at Hulu digital we have a team of professionals can help you get started and answer any questions

You may have about getting your business online in the most 

effective way!

Automate Posts

With Social Media Management

Hulu digital knows what to post and when to post. We optimize your social media accounts and post content weekly which helps build your online community and reach new customers.

Social Media Activation & management

Online account optimization & SEO

Get more online hits by

Optimizing your online accounts

Like swimming, staying on top of the water requires work. We get you floating to the top and keep working for you so that you stay relevant in online searches!

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Frequently asked questions

Do I really need a website?

A website allows you to interact with people who are online and in today’s world that is pretty much everybody. So yes, you absolutely need a website in 2019. Whether you are looking to generate more customers and leads from online or provide important information and have it readily available for customers to view your website can be working for your business 24/7. Learn more 

What can Social Media do for my business?

Social Media is an incredible tool to help stay connected with your customers. Growing a following of loyal customers can help establish an online community that your business can market to. By offering special promotions and exclusive offers, social media can work as an effective media platform elevating sales within your business as well as your customer base.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, a utility used to better position your website and online profiles towards the top of search engine results. 

What is the development process?

We begin the development process by gathering information. We will obtain general information about your business through means of social media, email, and by phone. Once the information we need is gathered we begin designing. Learn more

How long does it take?

Design time varies from customer to customer so it can take any where from 1 day to 2 weeks. This process usually depends on your availability. Social media and SEO takes anywhere from 2 weeks to two months before any noticeable effects begin to take place. So the sooner you get on top of Social Media and SEO optimization the better!

How will a website generate leads?

Websites are the best way to generate leads online. A website can work like an advertisement running 24/7 that the customer can interact with. Creating a website that has a core focus to generate leads can be extremely beneficial to a business looking to generate more leads online. Through the use of call to action buttons, instant chat box add ons and strategically placed contact forms, generating leads from your website can prove to be both an easy and effective way of acquiring information on a potential future customer. 

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